Wood Refinishing


If you want to transform your hardwood flooring, Annandale Floor Finishers can finish up the job. Our wood refinishing service can help you get the most out of this kind. Our contractors are experienced with addition staircase construction and stair remodeling services and can provide wood refinishing results.

Hardwood floor repair takes time because it doesn’t consist of just one step. Annandale Floor Finishers offers meticulous and efficient hardwood flooring installation and refinishing to make your floors shine again. The dirt between the floorboards can be difficult to take out. The occasional scruffs and heel marks are stubborn to clean. Our professional hardwood floor cleaners know how to get rid of sticky spots and other flaws on all of your hardwood flooring.

Contact Annandale Floor Finishers to start your wood refinishing plans in Fairfax, VA.